Pesticide Residue Analysis using GC-MS/MS in Food, Meat and Water. Price per residue.

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  • Highly sophisticated, accurate and sensitive mass spectrometric apparatus (M/s Shimadzu GC MS MS - T8030)
  • Capable of detecting pesticide residues (organochlorine, organophosphate) even upto part per billion (ppb) level in meat, milk, feed, foods and water. 
  • Detects Chlorine Containing and Phosphorous containg residues. 
  • Prices are per residue. 
  • Analysis is done in Govt. of India research lab equipped to perform the test. 
  • Lab is not NABL accredited. 
  • Name of the Lab will be revealed on test report. 
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  • Turn around time 3-4 days after reciept of samples. 

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