Glas-Col Aluminum housed mantle for resin reaction flask 500ml, 200W, 230V (1Pc/Pkt)

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  • Product Code: 100B TM509

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Heating mantles are preferred over Bunsen burners or hot plates for organic liquids. They provide even heating (no hot spots) and maximum surface coverage for better temperature uniformity.
The Series TM resin reaction flask mantle provides even heat distribution to prevent scorching of clear resinous material.
Aluminum Housed Mantles Feature:

  • Rigid housing provides strength and durability while supporting the weight of the vessel
  • Fabric interior to softly nest glass vessels to reduce the chance of thermal shock and damage to glassware
  • Withstands 400°C internal operating temperature
  • Feet on smaller sizes designed to provide stability and promote cooler exterior temperatures
  • All 115 volt units are CSA certified
  • One circuit heat input.

WARNING: chemical spillage, overheating, overloading, and general misuse will greatly reduce service life!

*You may select any one or more of the following products as per your needs:

 Model No.  For use with Resin reaction flask  of capacity  (ml)  Power  (W)
 Series 100B TM(500)
 100B TM509  500 ml  200 W
 100B TM513  1000 ml  270 W
 100B TM515  1500 ml  330 W
 100B TM517  2000 ml  400 W
 100B TM519  3000 ml  600 W
 Series 100B TM(560)
 100B TM561
 500 ml  250 W
 100B TM563  1000 ml  300 W
 100B TM565  1500 ml  380 W
 100B TM567  2000 ml  450 W
 100B TM569  3000 ml  600 W
 Series 100B TM(570)
 100B TM571  500 ml  270 W
 100B TM573  1000 ml  335 W
 100B TM577  2000 ml  470 W
 100B TM579  3000 ml  550 W
 100B TM581  4000 ml  750 W

Common Specifications:

 Product Type  Aluminium Housed Mantle
 Voltage (V)  230 V
 For use with  Resin Reaction Flask
 1 Pack Contains  1 Mantle