Beurer Nebuliser with Ultrasonic technology,Disinfection possible , Mouthpiece,Adult mask,Children mask

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The nebulizer IH30 produces ultrasonic source high-frequency vibrations in water, which also causes the inhalant contained in the medication container to vibrate. The oscillations separate particles from the water and the inhalant. They are mixed with air in the discharge duct and a fan ensures that this inhalant-water mixture is fed to the patient via a mask or mouthpiece. This technique is very quiet, requires relatively little power and is ideal for travelling


  1. Ultrasonic technology
  2. For the treatment of the upper and lower respiratory tract
  3. Can be disinfected
  4. For use in colds, asthma, respiratory disease ...
  5. High proportion of respirable particles
  6. High nebulization capacity (>0.4 ml/min) - short inhalation time
  7. Certified test strip quality
  8. Blue illuminated LCD display
  9. Air circulation: 70 m3/h (level 1), 130 m3/h (level 2)
  10. Medical product

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