Social Distancing Floor Marking Tape; 40mm X 21 meter; Black / Yellow

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  • Social distancing floor marking tape sets a guideline on the floor for people to follow physical distancing especially in situations that are bound to see a certain volume of the crowd.
  • Applicable at  banks, airports, retail outlets, customer support outlets, hyper-marts, quarantine areas, large format grocery stores, and many more.
  • Greeting people from afar is not rude anymore but has quickly become the right thing to do and will remain so for the time to come to ensure safety.
  • The floor marking tape for social distancing becomes an indispensable tool that would help the crowds to organize themselves better so that all that remains is to be focused on business.


Features of Floor Marking Tape

1. 40mm X 21 meter; Black /Yellow

2. Strong Adhesive

2. Lasts Longer

3. Easy to replace

4. Does not spoils the floor

5. Promotes high visibility