Sakamoto's Acupuncture model of sciatic nerve

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Learn anatomy using transparent model and acquire acupuncture skills with training model.


  • 1. Anatomical understanding of the structure of skeleton and muscles.
  • Support trainees' education using the right side transparent model through the explanation of internal body. Anatomical understanding of the structure of skeleton and muscles and sciatic nerve is possible.
  • 2. Human skeleton model allows simulation practice of palpation.
  • Since iliac crest( iliac spine), great trochanter, and ischial tuberosity are incorporated in the left side training model facilitating simulation of virtual palpation to identify the acupuncture point by confirming the structure of skeleton.


  • 1. Technique 1
  • Posterior superior iliac spine 
  • 2. Technique 2
  • Ischial tuberosity-Greater trochanterIschial tuberosity
  • 3. Needle insertion



 Product type  Acupuncture model of sciatic nerve
 Weight  7 kg
 Case size  W41 x D47 x H36 cm
 Accessories  Stands for placing the model in lateral position, storage case