Sakamoto's Blood pressure simulator

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To take the blood pressure properly, To listen to the sound by stethoscope correctly.
The industry’s first wearable Blood Pressure Simulator.

*Standard unit does not include sphygmomanometer.


  • 1. Fit simulated skins to the part of blood pressure and pulse.
  • 2. The pulse palpation on radial artery is possible.
  • 3. Korotkoff sounds.


  • Easy setting and operation.
  • You can operate it easily by button and knob.    A screen display is very simple. 対面ポイント
  • A screen display is very simple. You can operate it easily by button and knob.
  • For both pair-training and self-training
  • For self-training
  • Self-training is possible by fitting the simulated skin on New TOMOKO - Nursing Training Manikin (M102) or Arm for Simulator (M182). It is useful for repeated practice.


 Product  type  Blood pressure simulator
 Weight  4.4 kg
 Size  W45x D40x H21cm