Sakamoto's Transparent 3D Acupuncture site - Model of sciatic nerve

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The transparent 3D model allows to intuitively understand acupuncture treatment for sciatic nerve pain.

  • Transparent 3D Acupuncture Site Model of Sciatic Nerve
  • Transparent 3D model is useful to learn the structure and position of skeleton and muscles. By following the instructions described on transparent skin surface, trainees can learn the correct acupuncture point. This model is ideal for simulation practice. Two target points allow trainees to perform the acupuncture needle insertion.


  • By understanding the structure and position of sciatic nerve, pelvis, and gluteus medius and piriformis muscles three-dimensionally, acupuncture points can be confirmed.
  • 1. Technique 1
  • Posterior superior iliac spine - great trochanter
  • 2. Technique 2
  • Ischial tuberosity - great trochanter
  • 3. Needle insertion


 Product type  Transparent 3D Acupuncture site -  Model of sciatic nerve
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