Sakamoto's Acupuncture training pad with indicator light and chime

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Two target points of different depth facilitate a practice by level of difficulty.


  • 1. Practice by level of difficulty
  • Two target points of different depth allows to practice by difficulty levels. 
  • The training pad has indicator light and chime sound to inform whether the point of insertion is correct or incorrect, it gives a sense of three dimensional imaging.
  • Insertion to the shallow target point
  • Attach the rubber band to the hook on the side of the pad, this confine the area, and makes it easier to locate the target point.
  • Insertion to the deep target point
  • Indicator light and buzzer sound
  • The green light turns on and a chime sounds when the needle is inserted to the target point. (The light does not turn on when inserted to the wrong point)
  • The shape of sensor which detects the needle insertion is hemispherical, and it judges accurately whether insertion is perpendicular or oblique.
  • 2. Practice by attaching the pad
  • Hook and loop fasteners can be attached to any part of the body. Pair practice facilitates a realistic needle insertion practice in actual posture. More realistic practice is possible to the moving subject.


 Product type  Acupuncture training pad with indicator light and chime
 Weight  0.3 kg
 Case size  W22 x D12 x H8 cm
 Accessories  Belt, elastic band, storage case