Protein Molecular Weight Determination Using MALDI

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Molecular weight determination can be used for verification of a formula of low molecular weight substances, and for verification of the identity of a purified protein. It is possible to determine molecular weights of biopolymers and chemical substances with high accuracy and high resolution.Mass spectrometric analysis provides the molecular weight (Mw) of your intact protein. MALDI-MS analysis works well for small and large proteins. The Mw determination is most accurate for proteins with Mw below 50 kDa.

*Disclaimer: The original products may differ from the images displayed on the screen.    

  1. Sample should be in lyophilised form
  2. MALDI Analysis is performed for samples below 50 kDa.

Liquid or solid samples

  1. Purify the protein/peptide

    1. The chromatographic protein/peptide purity should be >90%
    2. Avoid detergents and keep buffer concentration at a minimum. LC-ESI MS and MALDI MS analysis can be done on samples containing small amounts of salts, urea or detergent, but the best result are obtained with low buffer strength in volatile solvents without detergents 
    3. Minimum amount ~ 10-50 micrograms
  2. Put the protein/peptide into microcentrifuge tube

    1. Use the Eppendorf Safe Lock tube supplied with the kit, or similar tubes from your lab
    2. Lyophilize  the protein to a solid sample to ensure protein stability during shipment
  3. Attention

    1. Please note that MW determination of intact proteins by mass spectrometryCANNOT be conducted on samples from gels or PVDF membranes!

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