Pipette-related Accessories

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Br Biochem Levo Plus Motorized Pipette Filler, LCD display, 100 mL pipettes, Hydrophobic filters (1Pc/Pack)


Levo Plus Motorized Pipette Filler comes with LCD display that shows battery charge and coarse speed.....

Br Biochem Rota filler, PP, 1-100 mL pipettes, 0.45 μm filter (1Pc/Pack)


This pipette controller features a patent pending adjustable pivot arm and liquid crystal displ.....

Abdos Fast Release Pipette Pump, 2 ml ( Pack of 4 pcs. )


Features : Fast release pipette pump ensures  quick and accurate operation. These light.....

Abdos Handypette Pipette Aid.,10 ml/25 ml ( Pack of 4 pcs.)


Features : Volume Capacity of 10 ml and 25 ml. Colour coded by volume with green for 10 ml a.....

Abdos Pipet Rack Stand, Acrylic, 5 Places , 190 x 135 x 265 mm, ( Pack of 1 pc.)


Features : •   Keep your pipettors within easy inside this convenient rack. • &.....

Abdos Rave Pipette Controller, PP, ( Pack of 1 pc. )


Features : Abdos Rave Pipette Controller is robust, light weight and its simple to use operati.....

Abdos Rave Plus Pipette Filler, PP ( Pack of 1 pc. )


Features : Abdos Rave Plus Pipette Filler is robust, light-weight and is ergonomically designe.....

Abdos Rubber Pipette Pump, Capacity - Up to 100 ml, ( Pack of 4 pcs. )


Features : Pump opening is standard to fit almost all glass and plastic pipette. One size ca.....

Eppendorf Charging Stand for Four Pipettes


The charging stand is recommended for storing and recharging the Research pro. Two different version.....

Eppendorf Charging Stand for One Pipette


The charging stand is recommended for storing and recharging the Research pro. Two different version.....

Eppendorf Multipipette Plus Wall Mount


 A pipette holder that attaches to the wall, which keeps the pipette within reach, even wh.....

Eppendorf Pipette Carousel with 6 holders


The Eppendorf Pipette carousel allows you to store 6 of your Eppendorf pipettes and/or liquid handli.....

Eppendorf Pipette Holder for Wall Mounting, Can hold 1 Pipette


Eppendorf Pipette Holder is suitable for holding the pipettes in a comfortable and safe way. Can als.....

Eppendorf Reagent Reservoir, Suitable for Multichannel pipette, autoclavable, 10Pcs/Pack


Convenient autoclavable reservoir. Easy-to-use loading of multichannel pipettes.   *Discl.....

Laboplast Micro-Pipette Stand, Z type, 5 Pipettes (Pack of 1 Pc)


Laboplast Micro-Pipette Stand is designed in 'Z' Shape to accomodate 5 Pipettes and allow easy handl.....

Laboplast Pipette Stand (Horizontal), 12 Places, PP (Pack of 6 Pcs)


This detachable Stand can hold 12 pipettes, 6 on each side, in a horizontal position. Moulded in pol.....