Nocospray, Disinfection of upto 500 m3, 22000rpm, 1100 W (1Pc/pack) Gen-2 from Oxypharm

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  • Nocospray has a heating and ionizing turbine which increases the efficacy of the product (Nocolyse).
  • Sprays "dry fog" at speed of 80 m/s at 37 Degree Celsius. Dry Fog ensures slow and perfectly uniform sedimentation on each square cm of treated area.
  • Stain proof as well as fire extinction hood
  • Only 1 ml Nocolyse per 1 cubic meter volume
  • Mist projection with Venturi effect up to 15 meters (50 feet) from the appliance.
  • Non-corrosive to any kind of material - plastics, steel, etc
  • No residue is left after the treatment. The operating room is ready to be used.
  • Bio-degradable to the level of 99.9%
  • Only 3 minutes of spray time for 50 cubic meter volume (1765 cubic feet)
  • Only 30 minutes of contact time for reaching optimum level of efficacy.
  • Germs/Pathogens do not create resistance towards the medicine (Nocolyse).
  • Can treat up to volume of 500 cubic meters (17650 cubic feet) with one machine.
  • Delayed start and automatic stop.
  • Manufactured in accordance to ISO 9001 standards.
  • European CE certified

Oxy'Pharm offers two (02) years of warranty on this product. 


 Product type  Nocospray: Disinfectant spray Gen-2
 Description  Disinfection of upto 500mvolume in less than 1 hour
 Power rating (W)  1100 W
 Speed of turbine  22000 rpm
 Speed of mist exit  80m/s at 37ºC
 Spray time  3 mins for 50 cubic meter
 Features  Non-corrosive; Bio-degradable
 Weight  5.8 kg
 Accreditation  European CE Certified
 1 Pack Contains  1 Pc