Glove Box with HEPA Filters With Continuous Circulation from Plas-Labs

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  • This system continually re-circulates and filters the internal atmosphere of the glove box.
  • It is a negative pressure containment unit.
  • MagnehelicTM gauges indicate both inner chamber pressure and pressure drop levels across the filters.
  • These gauges indicate when it is time to change the HEPA filters.
  • Completely enclosed blower (fan) unit.
  • Two (2) Magnehelic gauges.
  • Transfer chamber with leveling tray.
  • Two (2) 8” round ULPA filters.​
  • Two (2) optional purging valves.

Plas-Labs offers one year warranty on its instruments as per standard policy.

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 Product type Glove Box with HEPA Filters
 Description Glove Box with Circulated Closed Loop
 Work Space in Cm 142 x 89 x 69
Overall Dim. in Cm 208 x 119 x 135
  Weight  135 kg
 Accreditation  No Accredition available
 Filters  Filters, Magentic Gauges and Gloves