Glas-Col Lead Donut® Stabilizers. Open "split ring" design. PVC-Coated. Orange. 2 cm ID (1Pc/Pack)

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  • Product Code: 108B LC-10ML

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The open "split ring" design of Glas-Col's LEAD DONUT® Stabilizer permits adjusting it to accommodate tubulations, shapes and other apparatus where a closed lead ring cannot be used. The cushiony PVC coating protects the user and will not mark or scratch bench tops and labware.

  • Holds flask in place when used in water baths
  • Keeps glassware from falling over
  • U.S. Patent No. 3,969,080 open "split ring" design

*you may select any one or more of the following as per your needs:

 Model No.  Inside diameter (cm)  Color  Volumetric Flasks  Graduated Cylinder  Erlenmeyer Flask
 108B LC-10ML  2  Orange  10 ml  5-10 ml  --
 108B LC-4B  3.5  Red  25-50 ml  25 ml  25 ml
 108B LC-5C  5.0  Orange  100-500 ml  25-100 ml  50-250 ml
 108B LC-7C  7.0  Red  1-2.5 L  250-500 ml  200-500 ml
 108B LC-10C  10.0  Blue  --  1-2 L  750-1500 ml
 108B LC-15C  15.0  Orange  --  --  2L
 108B LC-20D  20.0  Blue  --   --  4 & 6 L
 Model No.  Contents
 108B LC-VP1  1 piece each of LC-10ML, LD-4B, LD-5C, LD-7C, LD-10C, LD-15C
 108B LC-VP2  2 pieces each of LC-10ML, LD-4B, LD-5C, LD-7C, LD-10C, LD-15C


 Product Type  Lead Donut® Stabilizer
 Material  Lead