Beurer Nebuliser with Compressed-air atomizers technology,Compressed air technology

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By the nebulizer IH 21 compressed-air atomizer a compressor generates compressed air (approx. 0.8 bar). 
The compressed air passes through the air hose and the nozzles in the atomizer to the inhalant. The stream of air blows particles out of the inhalant and mixes them with additional air in the atomizer. The inhalant is fed to the patient through a mask or a mouthpiece.


  1. For the treatment of the upper and lower respiratory tract
  2. For use in colds, asthma, respiratory disease ...
  3. High proportion of respirable particles
  4. Can be disinfected
  5. High nebulization capacity (>0,2 ml/min) - short inhalation time
  6. With practical storage compartment for the accessories
  7. 1.2 bar operating pressure
  8. Medical product.

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